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“I have lived so much of my life under the weight of depression and PTSD. Despite being eager to feel better, the prospect of Ketamine Treatment felt scary and overwhelming. I don’t think I could have done it without the care, compassion and professionalism of the staff at Ketamine Wellness Infusion PA. Jill and her team are patient, informative and skilled. This is felt from the first contact, throughout the treatment process and beyond and was so integral to my recovery. I am so grateful I made the decision to get treatment and can’t imagine the experience anywhere but KWIP.

“Very grateful patient,”
Patricia, Philadelphia, PA

“Going through this treatment has been so life-changing. I feel very passionate that everyone who is suffering from pain, PTSD, anxiety/depression needs to be made aware of how well this treatment¬†can work.”

Deven S.

“This treatment has truly changed my life! Jill and the rest of the staff are consummate professionals and pioneers in their field. I would highly recommend KWI to anyone seeking help with depression or anxiety.”


Matthew Borish.

“I have suffered from PMDD and PTSD for years, often taking three steps forward and then two back with other treatments. Ketamine treatments have helped me so much with both issues. I intend to continue the treatments.”

Raina L.

How Ketamine Wellness Infusions Changed my Life

Watch the testimonial from Shmaila Khan who struggled with mental health issues since high school and how Ketamine Wellness Infusions changed her life for good.