In my line of work, I’ve experienced many patients who are highly anxious about needles. In fact, about 10% of Americans experience this.

Some tips I share with my patients who have needle related fears are:

  1. Look away. There is no reason to look at the needle or to watch what is happening, especially if it creates anxiety.
  2. Use relaxation techniques. Deep breathing or visualizing you are in a safe, relaxing place such as your favorite beach can help.
  3. Distract yourself. Especially during IV therapy reading a book, watching videos, listening to music or playing games on your phone can redirect your focus.
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“I feel like I have my life back” KWIP Patient, Shmaila Khan, Summer 2021.

Before Ketamine Treatments, Shmaila described her mental health as “At my best, I was just living. Just breathing, eating and sleeping.” After 3 months of ketamine treatment Shmaila said she was “reconnecting with the joys of life that have been vacant for so long.”

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